Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ELECTION 2008: And we're back.

Reports say that there will be really long, unmanageable lines all day at polling places across Ohio.

And rain. Lots of rain. Lots of it.

What a difference a year makes. Exactly two years ago, SurveyUSA ran a poll in every state and DC asking who would win in lots and lots of theoretical matchups in the Democratic and Republican fields... this is what the Survey looked like for an Obama-McCain matchup...

Obama, 28, and McCain, 501. We'll see how different that is tonight...

Anyways, back to our game...

DA RULES: Send a picture of yourself with a copy of your sticker from the voting booth and I will post it! Just email it to QueerCincinnati@gmail.com! Are you a blogger? Make sure you send your blog addy so that I can post IT too!!! That's all!!! (I do reserve the right to arbitrarily not include it... but everyone is welcome. .. that includes Republicans! So long as you demonstrated your AMERICAN RIGHT TO VOTE, you have the RIGHT to be celebrated today!)

JereKeys from JereKeys!!!

Loree from World's Best Burger!

From Jason at Let's Say You're Right...


From Jay over at Big Lug Land!!!

From Trevor Hoppe over at TrevorHoppe.com!!!!

QueerCincinnati.com's own vlogging Seeker, Cody!!!!!!!

And our newest friend -- our wordy boy in a floppy hat :-)!!!!

And Julie!!!!!
Keep sending 'em, but I gotta get ready to go out!!!!! AHH!!! IT'S ALMOST TIME!!! Will keep you updated on Twitter!!!!!!

Keep em coming folks! (And check out the first round!)

PS Barack just took Vermont. Duh. McCain carries Kentucky -- nothing surprising yet! Four other states close now: Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, and South Carolina.

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Cincy Diva said...

I don't have a digital camera or cell phone but I voted at 6:40 something this morning and then had a lovely cheese omelette at the luxurious Anchor Grill(e)

word verification word- janjeati
sounds like a drink

"I'll have a Janjeati on the rocks please."