Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLOGGING: Finally, back on Rainbow Cincinnati

Yea, yea, I've been slacking on my blog over at Rainbow Cincinnati. But it's updated! Yea!

Check out my latest here, and here's a little sample for you:

"I just don't watch studio porn anymore," says my most porn-savvy friend, effectively crushing my personal goal to one day be gold-chain ladened adult film producer (it's better than my current status as a bare chested porn connoisseur). "It's just not real."

We, of course, were discussing the most popular unspoken gay site in the world -- Xtube. Though not exclusively gay, I've found knowledge of its existence in heterosexuals lacking -- much to their own dismay as I open their eyes to the glory of free, seemingly endless, amateur porn. The joy is mine, as the opportunity to arouse is a great pleasure. In the gay world, Xtube has been whispered from homo to homo and has taken on a huge following. I was never so surprised as when on very late night, I was with friends "having a good time," and I was asked about my Xtube favorites. As if, of course, I had them.

And, really, there's nothing better than cruising the straight section to remind myself that women don't know how to suck cock.

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Barry Floore said...

PS I posted this on RandyXBoy's site, since I referenced him, and he referenced me back -- YEA! :-)