Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: July 3rd at Below Zero

We had a great night on July 3rd at Below Zero.

Blah blah. I retract every former negative statement I had about the bar; Nigel knows how to put together an excellent club. We had a good time. Blah blah. Thank you Nigel for an excellent night. :-) (I also realized just how much I like taking pictures of JB -- HA!)

We had our car broken into at Below Zero's parking lot -- please remember to lock your doors, folks -- the only thing missing, sadly, ended up being my music player. And everyone knows how sad that makes me. No more George Michael on the bus in the morning. Wah-wah.

Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Police Department was most excellent in solving the problem quickly and efficiently and treated us really, really well.

Two lessons:
1) Thieves generally grab everything, then dump the stuff with "no value" in a bin or dumpster nearby. (Although I think HRC boy's list of like every gay person in the city and the entire HRC staff is valuable... prob not to them though.)

2) If you are stealing stuff, stash it. Do not, do not play with it in the street while setting off fireworks. Duh.

Thank you, Cincinnati Police Department; thank you, Nigel and Cable Joe.

And then we had some fabulous Lucy Blue Pizza. I mean, FABULOUS.

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Unknown said...

Your Welcome, glad things turned out OK for the most.... Cable Joe