Sunday, July 27, 2008

GAY STUFF: Margaret Cho on Queer Beauty

(That's right, kids, it's Saturday night, I'm at home, on, and not looking for sex. I know, weird.)

From an interview with Margaret Cho on the above website:

It's important for queers to feel very beautiful. We have to take on the world, and beauty is a shield we can use to defend ourselves. It's hard for gay men, because beauty is an ideal that feels impossible to attain when they are bombarded by an image of perfect bodies, huge muscles and at the same time, thin and young. The image is defeating us, because you think that if you're gay you have to look that good. It's why I'm always into bears, because they accept themselves and get more dick than anyone. They practice self-acceptance.


Unknown said...

Forgive me but I cannot notice the irony with the "Wearing What Wednesdays" which you use to glorify more typical ideals of beauty. Seems to me you are doing exactly what this post renounces/criticizes. - Or perhaps your intention is only to increase your blog's traffic.

Unknown said...

Of course I'm just trying to increase traffic to my blog. That's the whole purpose -- and I thought I had stated as sch in the past, but I suppose I had forgotten to. :-) The whole purpose is traffic.

Blah. Who cares?

People can still fall within the confines of the "typical ideal of beauty" and still be pretty. *shrug*

You fail.