Monday, July 21, 2008

ELECTION 2008: A ten point plan to bring the Democrats a sweeping victory...

I am a big admirer of Newt Gingrish and his 1994 "Contract with America." I think the Dem's have the opportunity, this time around, to do something similar, so I am going to offer up a simple outline for them to work off of to start a national, centralized message. And, thus, wipe out the Republican power base.

1) Develop a definitive, two-year plan on Iraq and Afghanistan, including a comprehensive exit strategy.

2) Reverse the policy of war and create a stronger policy of diplomacy to deal with future threats.

3) Reduce the need for voluntary abortion, including an abstinence inclusive comprehensive sex education program that focuses on parental involvement in children's decision making.

4) Reform No Child Left Behind to allow for greater teacher creativity and involvement in the process, and increase the funding for the outcome based educational requirements.

5) Institute term limits for Congress, via a Constitutional Amendment if necessary.

6) Balance the budget and, thus, strengthen the dollar, via a Constitutional Amendment if necessary.

7) Reform international trade, including NAFTA, to reduce the benefits for corporations to go out of country for cheap labor; in the meantime, increase incentives for companies to stay domestic.

8) Create a central, national healthcare plan that reduces the number of uninsured persons by 50% in four years.

9) Maintain individual liberties and respect state's decisions on related issues, including gay marriage, gun control, and religion. The national government has little role in any of these, and the purpose of statehood is to allow the populace to decide for themselves.

10) Respect our environment, and make sure that it stays pristine whenever possible. This includes investing in alternative energy sources -- including nuclear power, wind, and solar -- and reducing oil consumption, while increasing recycling programs and guarding wilderness areas.

I don't know, I think I could run this country.


Jere Keys said...

Not bad, but I'd avoid reclaiming some of the Repug greatest hits (No Child Left Behind needs to be scrapped completely, not reformed, put the power to decide how education is best served back in the hands of local government).

I's also rather see effective campaign finance reform than term limits, but that's my opinion.

Overall, if the Dems do include a "Contract With America" style program, I think it needs a bit more economic punch, a stronger environmental objective, a stronger health care objective, and something about reinvigorating the National Endowment for the Arts.

Unknown said...

To justify my NCLB support: it's about using the "Repug's" issue and making it the Dem's. Rather than just saying "this was stupid, get rid of it," the Dem's could say, "We support the idea, and some of the points here, but we don't feel that it is right in toto." Thus, proving the whole "brining the country back together" theme both sides are trying to play.

Right, but campaign finance reform is tricky waters and I don't think is a enough of a provable issue to really resonate with the masses. I think term limits may also encourage lower campaign contributions -- if someone is only going to be in the job 6-10 years, why spend millions of dollars to sway a candidate? You're guaranteed an open race in a couple of years.

You're right, I like your points. I'm not much of an economic brain, so I can't speak much to it. As for the rest, I suddenly wish I had included them in my original ten... :-) I'd also like to see some more support for public radio/television, maybe some talk about urban renewal and mass transit, and something about college loans and higher education funding...