Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLOGGING: Soapbox Media Puts the Word out on Local Blogs...

...sadly, QueerCincinnati is not one of them.

But they do highlight a lot of great blogs here in the city. I've never heard of a few of them, though the buzz is that they focus almost exclusively on male-written blogs, which is true.

They leave out some significant ones, but that's the Cincinnati blogosphere shiftin since Jackie Danicki left.

The Cincinnati blog scene, and it is a “scene,” in the sense that bloggers tend to make references to one another, repost their friends’ articles and link their favorite blogs within their own space, is vibrant and prolific. It is also varied; you can find anything from info on how to improve your personal finances to where to buy a rare spice. Some of it is artistic, some political, some is comical, some whimsical – but it is all Cincinnati.

And the blogworld does feel "scene-like" here sometimes. But that's ok, I'm not above being the bastard step-child of another group. :-)

Our friends who are mentioned:
Cincinnati Blog
Make Cincinnati Weird
Cincinnati Locovore (yea, Valeree!!!!)
'Nati Life
Somewhere Over the Rhine

YEA! Congrats you guys!

PS There's a local blogger's convention? I think I may just have to show up. My new MO: showing up uninvited to places. Or, rather, places I've been sort of invited to. I suppose that is an open event.

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