Monday, July 14, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Out Front GLBT TV 3-15-89

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

I never knew Mother Chanak had begun a little bloggie-poo of her own. It's short and seems out of use, but I have this to say: she has the best little jewel on there that I have ever seen. And here it is, from 1989, Cincinnati's GLBT TV show (we did have one).

One quick comment: Mother Chanak and Burger... WOW. They were HOT.

Otherwise, it's fabulous. I'm glad she decided to put up the one when they got to announce the illegalization of poppers -- HA! Classy, Mary, classy.

Can we see the rest, Mother Chanak?

OUT FRONT TV 3-15-89

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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Now now..."hot" oh my. My dear - I wish I had the energy to blog as you do...but're doing such a good job - there's little reason for me to add to the noise. (Will you be starving us - when you start nursing school? I do hope not. Even your Mother needs to be feed - so I read your blog!)

Actually, the master tapes of Out Front GL TV still exist and we were copied to DVD in June 2006. They are available at the new location of the Ohio Lesbian Archives - housed at Clifton United Methodist Church. Just drop them at note:

The Out Front show, was on air from February 1989 to June 1994. The reason I only uploaded one to the internet had to do both with the size of 28:30 of video, and compression necessary.

Its my hope - that some day - a student or someone interested in local GLBT history will seize about these recordings and study the only visual/audio record of that period. The first GL show on cable was Gay Cable News started by friends Roger Eikenberry and Mark Bailey in September 1985. They did the show for a year, and then Mike Leamon produced it until its close in 1988.

Outfront had producers Steve Hemker, Dr. John Maddux, Michael Chanak, Cynthia Brown.

While I have no desire in my dotage to return to the camera, Warner still has public access channels! Ya know.

One of my favorites - the late Abby X Chanak! Before Lotessa X. Chanak - there was the Great Canine Queen - Abby X. Chanak (an out take from Out Front).