Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GAY STUFF: Text Message

From ZK (awful SCRABBLE letters, but GREAT name letters)
HIM: a bois attractiveness is lessened by 25% once he hits 20, it's a gay law

ME: what happens at 21?

or 25?

or... gasp... 30?

HIM: 25 it's lessened to 60%

30 is 50%

once you hit 50, it's 25%

Thanks, ZK. I'm trying hard to feel bad about you turning 20.

To my readers: what are your thoughts? (I'm dying to hear from some people in particular, I hope you know I'm referring to you)


Anonymous said...

I do believe I said that there are exceptions to the law. It's not like EVERYONE is ugly when they're 50, and I don't even mean physically attractive. I mean the chances of finding someone who is attracted to you is lessened at those ages.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. I think we get better with age! Being that I'm turning 32 this year, I know more than I did in my 20's which causes less stress and less confusion, which in turn creates less wrinkles. My sex life has improved because I know what I'm doing now and I'm in better physical shape because I want to live longer so I can enjoy the sex with no wrinkles for as long as possible. LOL

Jeffery said...

A gay law? Who's writing the these laws and why isn't in my handbook? Dammit!

Another example of culture's obsession with youth and beauty. I keep reading how it's wrong, but it continues to perpetuate. Good thing I'm old, ugly and in a relationship. I don't have to worry about that kinda shit anymore.

*sigh* but I do love young eye candy.


Unknown said...

I mean I disagree too. By ZK's standards, I'm falling apart. :-)

In a way, I agree with him, and I'm not going to blame him for stating what I think is definitely the standard view of most queers.

"Youth is beauty" is hand-in-hand with "the skinnier I am, the prettier I am."

However, I think, the older *I* get, the better looking I've become. I definitely think I have far more pride in my body and my sexuality than I did at 20... which attracts more of the kind of guys I would like to be with than the kind I was sleeping with at 21.

Unknown said...

OH, and PS, Juliet --> I will say this. Women come into their sexual peak at 35. So you're not even perfect yet! LOL. I mean, you're getting there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Youth is wasted on the young, in my opinion. In my late teens and early 20s, I didn't know how lucky I had it.

At 27, I think I've finally gotten completely comfortable with what I have to work with.