Thursday, July 3, 2008

ELECTION 2008: McCain vs. Obama

You know, for some reason, I just don't care much anymore about the election. It's very strange, but true. Obama doesn't do it for me the way others have... I'm just not following as much.

What's almost unbelievable is the idea that we may have someone by the name of Barack Obama for president.

It's a funny name.

John McCain just sounds so presidential.

I'm trying to get interested in the VEEPstakes, and I have to say I have far more excitement there. Something about an unknown person stirs it in me.

Hm. Oh well.

Here are the (now) weekly estimates for the Electoral Vote per my favorite websites: 338 (BO), 200 (JM)
Electoral Vote: 317 (BO) 221 (JM)
Election-Junkie: 306 (BO), 232 (JM)

And the ones that just report polls and don't make "predictions," just show numbers: 185 (BO), 174 (JM)
US Election Atlas: 261 (BO), 180 (JM)

I guess the only really interesting thing that's fueling me at the moment is that Indiana, North Carolina, and Virginia have all come into play in a very real way... and Montana and North Dakota are suspect.


Updated: added a new favorite site to the Blogroll, Pollster, which gives you a great idea and a great visual picture of how the polls are going.


Anonymous said...

Oh gurl, I'm with you. I was a Hillary gurl...sure my natural inclination is to vote Dem...I mean...there's this little pesky thing called Supreme Court appointments.

But, ya know as I hear Obama talk about "faith based" initiatives and the CNN pundits talk about Obama moving towards the "center" - I start having those old pains in the groin - which are usually followed by a bout of gas. Sadly, this type of gas does not fuel my chariot.

You're right - if only the VEEP thing could stir some juice in me?

Barry Floore said...

Obama bores me. I can't get inspired by him.

Maybe it's because of the cold shoulder he gave in the Advocate interview.


And I like a cold ball busting bitch. Michelle doesn't do it for me.