Thursday, July 3, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Senatorial Races

I'm not 100% over the election.

There is a chance for a complete Dem takeover the Senate -- raising their control of the Upper House of Congress to 60 (D)-38 (R)-2 (I). I actually expect it would be more like 58(D)-40(R)-2(I), as the remaining two I's caucus with the Dem's.

However, I was feeling particularly bad about this particular possibility, as it looked as though the outcome would likely be 53-45-2, down from the 55-43-2 we had seen a while ago. It appears that McConnell (R/inc - KY) has bounced back in the polls from his slight loss to Lunsford (D), as has Wicker (R/inc - MS) over Musgrave (D).

I texted this to JO, my dear friend who heads up GLBT Outreach for the DCCC (I think) out in Denver, who responded back that there is still hope.

So we're holding on.

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