Sunday, July 27, 2008

BLOGGING: Anniversaries and New Pieces

First of all, if you haven't RSS'd me or subscribed to my blog, I think you should at this point. I'm really fabulous like that. I also blog a LOT, so that's probably the best way to keep up with me.

Second, I have an anniversary coming up; Aug 4 will be the one year anniversary of this blog. What's fun is that at the Cincinnati Blogger's Convention, a lot of people asked "how long have you been blogging." I had to answer "about a year," but then I realized that wasn't true.

My MySpace Blog open August 31, 2005, and I have well over 200 entries over there. So, as part of my anniversary celebration, I'm going to start back-reading that blog and posting interesting bits that I find. Now, mind you, that was an intensely personal blog, so there's lots of blah-stuff on it. But I'll start you off with the very first posting I did... August 31, 2005...

It has begun, children. I have officially begun my myspace site (due to the somewhat weak success of my job-related myspace -- *sigh*

I am currently holding world on my shoulders and ignoring my coworkers. If you do not encourage this kind of behavior, then too bad. I plan to continue on as if living in a state of delusional mania -- that I'm rich, that I'm a stud, that I'm a playa, that I'm an old black lesbian, meanwhile driving myself over the cliff of financial debt and burdensome obligations.

But I keep a positive attitude -- and that's what matters right :-). Oh, and to allay the rumors: yes, I am looking at a house, and this is what it looks like:

Oh never mind. I have to attach it to a hyperlink?! Thank you very much I can find otherways to do the same damn thing. :-) But imagine this: Barry -- Homeowner. I think it is a bit scarier than Valerie -- married woman.

The reason for back-reading, btw, is that I'm about to close down my myspace account because it's boring and I don't do anything with it anymore, and I want to make sure the good blogs are saved.

There's some stuff coming up, btw, that I'm going to be posting in my "personal" category, but I think all of you might find it interesting if you want to keep reading. :-)

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Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! I've been blogging since 2001, but people only started caring recently. I can't wait to read these older posts!