Monday, July 7, 2008


In 2004, I had returned to Cincinnati from a summer at home after graduating and I got a phone call from my best friend: "We're going to this new club in Dayton! It's called Club Masque!!!"

Apparently, it had just opened, or something.

It was a club like any other, except I drove around and around and around looking for it. At the time, it was not marked saved for a small mask on the door in the back of a nondescript building.

I got drunk -- YEA! -- but our more permanent memories are of the Waffle House on the way home.

That, and my friends had just discovered poppers and somehow they thought it was a club drug.

Whatev, yo.

Bully on them: Logo just listed them as one the top fifty best gay clubs in the country. Per the website:
One of the best places I've ever been was in (believe it or not) Dayton, Ohio! They have a great scene there, and a cool dance club. It's multi-leveled, with hot Midwestern go-go boys, nightly events, and they sell T-shirts with funny slogans like: "I'd rather be masturbating!"--this is in small town O-H-I-O, mind you. Genius!
Thanks for treating us so special :-).

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