Thursday, July 24, 2008

BLOGGING: Updates, updates, and more updates!!!

Things are always changing around here, mainly because I get bored :-).

So here's the 411:

I've updated my site to include the blog list provided by Google, so that I get to see what sites are being updated and I can follow along with everyone more equally. In the process, I have moved some people around, deleted some old links, and added some new ones.

Don't see your blog? Shoot me a comment.

See your blog in the wrong category? Shoot me a comment. (PLEASE NOTE: The queer bloggers are those people that have identified themselves as LGBT in their blog. There are a few I know of that are written by queer folk but have not "come out." If you would like to "come out" and be listed as a queer blogger, just shoot me a comment. Unlike usual, there is absolutely no judgment here :-)).

And, yes, most of the new ones are the people who took part in our fierce little debate over at the Cincinnati blog.

I also took off a few widgets, and I added the sitemeter (thank you, Kelly to the Max!), which keeps statistics for me on who is visiting and a counter for how many people are visiting daily. Valeree had suggested I use Google Analytics, but I have to admit that I am slow and couldn't figure it out :-). Meanwhile, here's another way for me to watch what you're doing.

What's fun: I posted the sitemeter this morning at 7:30am, it's now about 4:30pm (9 hours), and I've had about 150 visitors in that time period. WOW! So I may be running at 300-400 hits a day??? Alright, we're going to see what happens in a week. At 7:30am, Thursday, July 31st, we'll see just how many people visit in a week.

PS --> This is all being done at the Main Library downtown. My power got shut off today. Apparently, that happens when you don't pay the electric bill for a few months. So, um, yea. I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm blogging at the library!!

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