Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Bullfishes... better than expected.

Let me just say this:

I was wrong, again, about a local establishment. Bullfishes was so much fun a few weeks ago and the girls know how to treat you right.

Rissa, our hottie bartender, made a good drink (not great, but she's learning). And she was full of style and flair.

Dawn, the head bartender, is HOT. *I* even want to make love to her. And that's Sarah. You should all know her by now. LOL. She's an amazing bartender back over there, from the old establishment.

Shannon (in blue), the manager, is unbelievable. I heartell she even put up with Vivica pounding drunkenly on the door this weekend of the bar and demanding to be served around 330am. Well done, Shannon. I would have kicked that bitch to the curve. (Love you, Viv)

And Syndy (in tan), the manger, who, for some reasons, thinks we're pretty nifty.

And may I recommend the nut in your mouth shot. This is us after taking it... but it's still pretty fierce.

If you go in, mention that you heard about them through this blog. They'll look at you funny for a while, and that's all the promise I have. Well, if I'm there, I might get you to buy me a drink.

And don't be creeped out when I ask for a nut in my mouth. LOL

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