Friday, July 25, 2008

BLOGGING: New friends that I met at the Blogger's Convention!

So here are the new people I got to meet at the Blogger Convention, and the new blogs that were mentioned while I was there:
  • Kate's Random Musings -- my new fav blogger gal-pal... she gave me a great idea which I'm tempted to do: living blogging while testing lubes. Anyone up to help me out with this one?
  • ENCORE Cincinnati (Environmentally Conscious Real Estate of Cincinnati) -- Green design and green building in the city.
  • Keepin' It REAL (Estate) -- Housing information and blogging about the housing market. (written by the same ladies as ENCORE)
  • Gonz O'Lager -- "Updates from my Seat in the Urban Dugout." He drinks, he writes, he sounds like me. (by Brian)
  • Not Really a Book Blog Book Blog -- "Bibliophile, writer, moderately eccentric ne'er-do-well and a complete bastard!" (by Brian)
  • CET Connect -- Cincinnati Educational Television Blog. (by Brian -- notice a pattern?)
  • Girlfriendology -- All about women and their relationships. Debba, the author, is such an earth mom type. I adored her. Podcasting, vlogging, writing, she is all over it.
  • Urbanophile -- Actually based out of Indy, but Albert (from STACKED) pointed it out to us, and it was very excellent!
Anyways, there it is, and here are just a couple pictures. All of them have been added to my blogroll, or will be shortly. Kevin over at PR Blog (also blogrolled -- I thought I had already added him) is trying to compile a list of everyone on his blog, and the hosts will be sending us all a list. So I'm sure this will be updated again soon. Also, if anyone got the right "prosespective" blog information, that would be helpful. He was the shaved headed cutie with the nice camera... that wasn't me, duh!

(PS, to those watching the site meter and interested, I did just get about 375 hits to my page in 24 hours... WOW!)

Yea!!! It's Valeree from Cincinnati Locavore!!!!


Kate The Great said...

Hello hello, B! It was so so fabulous to meet you last night! I am so impressed by the number of top-notch bloggers around the Queen City. So many people whom I want to be friends with! When are we getting a cocktail?...

Anonymous said...

Howdy! It certainly was a pleasure meeting you last night. Fun to put faces with words! I look forward to the next gathering.

Kelly said...

It was great meeting you last night! Thanks for introducing yourself - I get a little shy about going up and talking to people. As a result, I don't think I met nearly enough new people last night - so there had better be another one again soon!

Dan said...

Yeah, I'm like Kelly too. I guess I tended to keep to myself. Next time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about this! I learned a lot from everyone and look forward to all the blog reading I'll be doing now!

ShannanB said...

Enjoyed putting a face to the funny comments. Will def. be back and reading more!

Barry Floore said...

Yea! People! :-)

Kate -- oh, we're going out. We're going to go out SO HARD. :-)

Barry Floore said...

I am REALLY good at causing a cocktail-fueled ruckus. And my newest favorite HETEROsexual establishment in which to cause rucki (is "ruckus" declinable in Latin?) is -- wait for it -- Cadillac Ranch.

A few drinks and a bull ride and I'm good for the night!

hellogerard said...

Hey Barr, nice meeting you last night. I think I'm like Dan and Kelly... somehow kept to people I already knew - I'd meet up again.

Brian Who Cooks said...

Hey, howdy and those other salutations.

I met a lot of new people and it proves that I'm too much of a shut-in to blog appropriately.

Thanks for the adds x3.

(the blogwhore)

Julie said...

Liveblogging lubes-- I KNEW I liked that girl!

Nice meeting you, B!