Thursday, July 31, 2008


Apparently there's a body builder on the new Big Brother... and, of course, near naked pics have surfaced... YEA!!!

This makes me happy and tempted to watch Big Brother. :-) His name is Jessie Godderz.

All from the Bilerico Project...


Dan said...

I can no longer look at your blog at work for fear of nakedness. :)

Barry Floore said...

Ha. Only every Wendnesday, darling. Only every Wednesday... or, Thursday in this case.

Anonymous said...


I hate to admit but I've been addicted to "Big Brother" for the past four seasons. It's about the only reality show I watch. (Well, that and "Bad Girls Club.")

Anyhow, Jessies is a major league, grade A asshole. If you saw the show, his personality would drain away whatever attraction you felt for him.

Personally, I hate that over-muscled look. There is a MUCH cuter guy on BB this season, named Dan. (He's a str8, Catholic school teacher.) Check him out sometime.

P.S.: Love your blog!