Monday, July 28, 2008

BLOGGING: "Just Another Dead Queer" -- Rainbow Cincinnati post!

New post over at Rainbow Cincinnati. Here's a preview, click here for the remainder.

Matthew Shephard and Lawrence King are dead queers with good publicists.

Not to undermine their deaths, but there are hundreds of people who have paid the ultimate price for being out, and the lack of coverage of their stories gives me pause.

I mourn every time I hear about another death. It's not often, as the lack of a central source of this kind of information leaves me only with the mainstream media. Even the blogosphere is silent on many people who die.

It's times, though, when I hear about Sean Kennedy, who was run down outside of a bar by a man who later referred to Kennedy in a phone call as a "fucking faggot," that upset me the most.

Not because Mr. Kennedy is dead, but because I never heard about it.

And make sure you click through the site... there's a lot there... by clicking on the image below.

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Jeff Elrod said...

thanks for the cincy new media bump. due to your link generosity, i now have four websites that turn up the blog in good ole google. like what you've done with the place, keep doing what you're doing.