Friday, July 18, 2008

BLOGGING: Really unusual ways people find this site -- take 2

Here are some new fun ways people come to this site, again via our FEEDJIT traffic monitor :-). (PS --> I see you, Michi, I know you're reading RIGHT NOW)
San Antonio, Texas arrived from on " GAY STUFF: Mamma Mia, the Movie!" by searching for is mamma mia a gay movie.

I'm actually getting a lot of hits regarding Mamma Mia -- which is coming out THIS weekend and I am really excited, though I'll probably have to wait until next weekend as we also want to see the Dark Knight, and we also are renting TEETH. Ha! Really, we are. Something about understanding the rhetoric behind it.
Markham, Ontario arrived from
on " GAY STUFF: Queer Blog Review" by searching for best gay blogs.

That is perhaps my favorite new way people are finding me... by typing in "best gay blogs" into google's blogsearch. Because I blog so much, it keeps popping up.

And though there are none currently on the list, I want to make a little note out there to everyone searching for a bathhouse or gay sauna in Cincinnati... there is none (link is the one and only post related to bathhouses in the entirety of my archives, really). Sorry, guys, unless you are a member of the Central Park YMCA, or the Hyde Park Urban Active (which I am), you're luck at finding men to fool around with in the steam room is limited to two bathhouses in Cbus, one in Kentucky (I think), a very private one in Dayton (rumor has it that it's been closed down, can anyone confirm its existence?), and two in Indianapolis.

Simon Leis would shit a brick if one opened here -- we don't even have strip clubs, and we only have two porn stores in the entirety of Hamilton County.

Let alone a bathhouse.

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Michi said...

yes, apparently all I do these days is lurk around on your blog at all hours of the night. soon enough my ip address will be changing again and you ll know why 'amsterdam, netherlands' is frequenting your pages again.

on a related note, vinylpolis and I are going to build our own bathhouse very soon. I have some fantastic ideas that may or may not revolutionize public sex! I want you in on this too (i mean, when it happens, and all that . . . )

see you later today!