Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cody's Ten on Tuesday

The 10 things I want to do this summer:

1.) Make significant progress in my '67 SAAB restoration...

2.) Spend more time with my high school hick friends in Okeana working on diesels and '78 Trans Ams (and a Porsche they need my help with)

3.) Have my friends over to my parents' house and have a bonfire and drink. Heavily. My parents will be involved too! They're cool like that...

4.) Go clubbing regularly like I have while living here at UC. Hey, Hamilton is dead in between Masque and Bronz/Dock/Adonis!!!

5.) Speaking of which: Go to Fabulous Free Fridays at Adonis to see Monica St. James

6.) See Jessica Diamon's new titties

7.) Touch Jessica Diamon's new titties (what? i got to touch the old ones the night before she had surgery... Wow, that sounded dirtier than I expected...)

8.) Practice my drag (my parents want to watch...) after I figure out what performaces I want to do.

9.) Get an outfit consisting of: brown cowboy boots, tight farmer's jeans, white button-down shirt with the John Deere logo, 10 gallon hat with the International Harvester logo, big belt buckle with a Case logo, and a full gotee... (how HOT would that be?!)

10.) Meet yummy boys...

The Seeker

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