Saturday, June 6, 2009

Linda Ketner Apologizes

A few days ago, I suppose I caused a little stir in the world, giving my bloggie middle finger to Linda Ketner for outing supportive SC politicians. I call it a little stir because assembloge, a blog on Q-Notes in the Carolinas, reported on it calling it "Harsh." Perhaps it was, but I stood by my opinion (though the Charleston City Paper doesn't think it was true outing at all, but I have to question how a public figure talking about the sexual orientation of rumored homosexuals isn't, at least, an attempt at outing?). 

Anywho, Ketner felt a little bit of the fire and apologized:
I’ve always been resolute about never outing anyone, believing strongly that every person gets to decide when or if he or she comes out.

I let myself and others down in a recent off-the-record chat with a reporter. I obviously don’t have knowledge of the sexual orientation of any individuals mentioned. What I do have is respect and appreciation for their service to this state.

My sincerest apologies to any of you rightfully upset with me.
I think it's a good apology. And so, for now (and for the first time?), I retract my middle finger to Ms. Ketner. 

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