Friday, June 19, 2009

Warning from Mt. Airy Park

Thanks to local porn blogger/afficianado/all around good guy, RandyXBoy, for the heads up on this one. Keep it in mind guys ... more importantly, keep it in your pants in parks.
Two guys were approached by a woman Monday evening who claimed to be an undercover cop and that the entire park was under camera surveillance. She instructed the men to get out of their car and and questioned if they had any drugs on them or in the car, or if they offered or were offered sex for cash by anyone. She then proceeds to tell the guys to turn around and face their car, put their hands on the roof and empty their pockets onto the top of the car. She goes through the contents behind their backs, instructing them not to turn around. When questioned for identification to prove she is a police officer, she tells them "Not right now" and to keep their hands on the roof of the car, and not to turn around. She inpects the men's wallets and pull out their licenses, inspects them, and tells them that she is not going to arrest them since they were cooperative. This happened to our reader's friends. The woman let them go, and they left the park. Later the men opened their wallets and all of their money was gone.

The woman is reported to be driving a dark blue, small Pontiac. According to our reader, Cincinnati Police have been notified and have been very cooperative. Someone else spotted her in the park yesterday and photographed her car and license plate, which was turned over to the police.
I cannot confirm this, but it's always a good reminder to, if you are approached by someone claiming to be a cop, to ask for an ID first before you turn around and spread 'em... unless, of course, that's what you were asking for while you were cruising on :-). In which case, send me (or Randy) pictures. Wait, no. Maybe. Hrm.

Also: if you are cruising in public parks, go somewhere else. Don't get caught with your pants down. That's what the administration of Cincinnati Christian University is for.

UPDATE: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The origin of that picture is Bob Jones University, ultra-conservative, boys-and-girls have to walk on separate sidewalks Southern Baptists College!!! I didn't even KNOW!

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Quimbob said...

I have been stopped by plainclothes Cincinnati cops & the first thing they do is whip out their badges & identify themselves.