Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spreadin' the Love - Guerrilla Queer Bar Announced!

As part of it's "spreadin' the love" series, where the fabulous people over at Guerrilla Queer Bar invade an underused queer-identified bar, this came out a few days earlier than usual on their blog:

Hello Beauteous Queers--

Three things!

1. CGQB's takeover of Cadillac Ranch was out-of-this-world-queer-fa
ntastic! For serious. If you haven't seen the "Two Boys, One Bull" video yet ( ), watch it now. It's just the tip of the iceberg for all the crazy, world-changing fun that was had.

2. CGQB hopes you all had a wonderfully sexy Pride!

3. Have no fear, the queer fun doesn't have to stop! THIS FRIDAY is CGQB's "Spreading the Love" event.

Never heard of the "Spreading the Love" events? Find out more below. If you're a seasoned "Spreading the Love" go-er, feel free to skip to find out where it is!


Every THIRD FRIDAY, the folks that bring you GQB put on another raucous night of fun at an under-utilized QUEER bar in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

Last month's "Spreading the Love" was at the glorious Little Bit Bar with a night of cheap drinks, sexy bartenders, great people, a "live-missed-connections" game, and a FIRE performance (for serious).

"Why a queer bar? I thought GQB was about taking over straight bars", you might ask. "Spreading the Love" is about spreading our queer-love (and dollars) around the queer community while also getting a chance to know our fellow CGQB-ers a little more intimately ;).

Don't worry, we'll still be exploring the straight and narrow bars every FIRST Friday of the month. (which reminds me, GET READY FOR JULY 3rd!!!)

This month promises to be the best "Spreading the Love" yet!
Where will we be coming together in the name of queer-celebration?

(***drum roll please***)


901 Washington Ave
corner of 9th and Washington in NEWPORT, KY.


Those of you who have experienced or heard of the GLORY that is the Crazy Fox are probably jumping for joy right now. If you HAVEN'T had the privilege of going to this bar yet, start getting ready for a night of sexy-wonderful-fun this Friday.

We'll be getting there anytime around 9. There will be some sexy surprises. If you're feeling adventurous, they have ABSINTHE drink specials on Friday nights!

Mark your calenders now-- Friday the 17th, 9 pm, Queer-Fun-Time!
I think, btw, that the date is Friday the 19th, not the 17th, or else I think I would have heard about queers heading down there :-). Anyways, this will be the first CGQB I'll be missing. I'm kinda sad about that :-(. And I just realized I didn't know how to spell "Saloon."


Kelly said...

I heart the Crazy Fox! But every time I've been, it's always been pretty empty. Perhaps I'll have to round up some friends and head down there tomorrow!

BTW, I don't think that website is right - it points to a Crazy Fox Saloon in Ohio, and this one is in Newport.

Anonymous said...

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