Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Penny's Worth - 06.06.09

We kicked off Ohio Pride Celebrations this weekend!

Okay – so I was lucky enough to be crowned Miss Ohio Gay Pride in November of last year. I have to be honest…I don’t think it really hit me until Saturday. No shade to Dayton, OH – but it is far from a gay mecca or anywhere you would expect a large Gay Pride Celebration. WRONG!

I find myself in the back room of Aquarius this past Saturday Morning - putting on makeup at 9:30am (imagine my horror) with 6 or 8 other entertainers getting ready for the Dayton Gay Pride Parade. There is a flurry of activity from a collection of lesbians and gays getting a huge float ready (it really was a huge float – I have no idea where they got it!). Just about 11am we get a bunch of “Hurry up drag queen” messages from the organizers and next think I know I’m headed down the road in a lovely vintage convertible Mercedes with Rob Austin (thanks for organizing everything mister!!). This huge float I mentioned is in front of us with Music blasting and queens waving to the crowd. We end the short trip around Dayton at what they called “Court House Square” that was FILLED with queers and freaks and straight people and strippers and activists and every other walk of life you can imagine. The booth for the beer tickets was jumpin as was the folks selling burgers, dogs and pride jewelry. It was a true Pride Celebration in every sense of the words! Everyone in their rainbow gear and little kids splashing around in the fountain….it was a perfect moment.

Never underestimate a Gay Pride Parade in one of the “flyover states” – We may just be Ohio, but we are Proud and the gays in Dayton, Ohio proved that to me this past weekend. Video and photos will be up soon.

Sunday – we kept the gay alive with a little gathering of friends at Below Zero for the Tony Awards Ceremony. Of course, I know NOTHING about Broadway or the theatre, so I was forever asking questions and looking for guidance. Good thing I still have friends after Sunday! Thanks to Nigel and JC for hosting us and to Larry and Jack for sitting on the couches with us and suffering me gladly (smile)

This week we are busy with the Cincinnati Gay Pride Celebrations.

I’ll be up at Old Street for the Quasi and Friends Show on Friday to kick off Pride Weekend. Quasi, Monica St. James and me – it’s one of my favorite shows of the month!

Saturday is the Pride Show at Adonis where I’ll be representing Miss Ohio Gay Pride…Monica has asked me to do a crowning number and I promise it will be a good one (smile). Check out the event on Facebook!

Sunday is Cincinnati’s Gay Pride Parade that starts in Clifton and goes all the way down thru Northside. I’ll be there Emcee-ing the Parade and then the aftershow at Hoffner Park. I know EVERY establishment in the city will be vying for your attention – so just be sure to go out – have fun and CELEBRATE your PRIDE!!!

Monday we’re headed down to Lexington, KY to join a few of our friends as they vie for the title of All American Goddess! We’re taking a truck-load of gays down with us, so we’ll see you there!

I'll see you out there!

Smooches - pt

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