Monday, June 29, 2009

Gay Exorcism Response

In response to this seeming gay exorcism...

The preacher admits that yes, it is a gay exorcism.

And comes off sounding like a crazy, bigoted, blathering idiot. I like the question: "How do you know anything has changed?"

Zack Ford blogs has a great running commentary of the transcript.


Quimbob said...

Couple questions:
How much do you think a guy could charge for that ?
What'd they do with the gay demon once it was out ? Have they got containers for that sort of thing ?

Someone said...

As an ordained minister, I would love to find some gay-curious straight guys so I could perform a gay possession on them.

Michael Chanak Jr said...

Well, an old friend and once boy friend of mine had requested the laying of hands to relieve him of the demon of homosexuality...

I can assure was a sham treatment.