Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rumor Mill Report: Bar Scene's A-Changing

Word on the street is... Golden Lion's Lounge, a mainstay of Cincinnati's queer bar scene for an untold amount of years, has closed two days ago. I have not confirmed this, but the report comes from a local bartender and regular at the bar. It is a bit of a surprise, however, because there always seemed to be someone at the little bar, though it was rarely full. However, their karaoke nights always seemed very popular.

Word on the street is... Simon Says is trying to expand either into the florist shop to the north or into the now-empty juice bar to the south on Walnut Street. I have not confirmed this, but the report comes from the same local bartender. The problem is that the city will not allow them to blow out the walls. A little bit of a surprise, to my mind, as no one ever seems to be in that bar. But I don't go much.

And, finally, word on the street is... two local community members are looking to open a new queer dance club downtown. I do, in fact, have a few details though I'm not sure what they want public. The goal is for an Adonis feel at the Dock prices, and dead in the middle of the city. We'll see where this goes. No theme announced yet.

Thought you might want the updates, which I had put out on my Twitter this morning.


Jeff Elrod said...

queerbardowntown? i'm hoping it's northernly downtown, close to hamburger mary's. and that they don't end up drawing away below zero's folks.

Unknown said...


They can't close the Golden Lion. It's the most perfect bar. It's sleazy, shady, fills the community's need for watering hole (no other queer bars close by) and the drink are tasty, strong, and reasonably-priced.