Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I started this little feature a few weeks ago, but never really followed through with it. Bad, bad blogger. :-)

My intent was to, every Tuesday, list off ten things of any topic and have other bloggers join in the fun and post their own responses. Chalk it up to, "Barry can be really lazy sometimes." :-) But I'm back -- sort of (one more week of school!) -- and here it is! If you want to join in and post your top ten, be my guest and just link it back in the comments section!

Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer!
1) Sit by a pool and drink margaritas at least once this summer... preferably far more

2) Buy another fan -- my apartment is hot, folks, and the only one I have is simply circulating air so it doesn't go stale

3) Get my budget together and call these damned creditors, instead of them calling me all the time

4) Go to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botannical Gardens ... I've never been!

5) Start my workout regime, and possibly (possibly?) join up with Cincinnati Losers

6) Throw a really, really kickass party in July (but more on that later)

7) Put together my questions and goals for the second (and final) year of school, making sure I'm ready to learn and accomplish and grow!

8) Complete the task started a year ago when I decided it was time to be clean and happy; god, I can't believe it's been a year since I made that decision

9) Get a tan -- I had one once, and I want it back!

10) Finish up that paper I was writing for publication; I haven't touched it in almost 6 months; it's on the ethics of criminalizing HIV transmission in a free society... it's heady stuff, but I think it's kind of an awesome piece of thinking
What are your plans for summer? Can you believe that it's almost here? WHOOHOO!! It feels like only yesterday we were bemoaning #snOMG. Arguably, I prefer those cold days, even locked in doors, to this heat.

Hm. I thought for sure there would be a bloggie-goal. That's weird.


topher said...

you had a tan when you and casey spent hours every day at the beach.

fourth of july in jacksonville??

Jere Keys said...