Saturday, June 13, 2009

Les Mis vs. Wicked

I didn't post today, nobody did... So I thought I'd squeeze one in before the day ended.

Les Miserables was the first musical I ever saw -- in fact, my mother took me because she got a free ticket from a friend, and I fell in love. It's amazing. Here's the original Les Mis version of I Dreamed a Dream... not by Susan Boyle.

And to show you just how much I've grown up, in relation to my musicals taste, here's the song I listen to need now when I need something to lift me up, from Wicked:

Just a thought, that's all. Happy Pride all!

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Tracy said...

Personally, I like les mis but then again I had a tough time trying to get wicked tickets new york, so it may have distorted my view a little bit. Either way I guess that I enjoyed les mis more.