Friday, June 5, 2009

Guerrilla Queer Bar Location Announced

From the Facebook group:
Dearest Queers--

Tonight is the night of all nights!
June's Guerrilla Queer Bar has finally arrived!

Get your cowboi/gurl boots out! Find your tight jeans and checkered shirts! Put on your ass-less chaps! Because the bar soon to be transformed into QUEER-DANCE-LOVE-FANTASTIC issssss.....

(drum roll please)


38 Fountain Square Plaza-- across from the CAC


Yes, that's right folks. Our most ambitious bar yet. Call all your friends. Make plans to go together (safety in numbers). Cancel all conflicts. Show Cadillac Ranch the beauty that IS the Cincinnati Queer Community.


What to expect:

1. Tons of cute queers dancing and having fun.
2. A MECHANICAL BULL. (For serious).
3. NO COVER. When you get there, look for GQB people on the patio (you can spot them by their purple bandannas). They'll either give you a bracelet and let you in for free, or you can go to the regular door and say you're with Guerrilla Queer Bar and they'll give you a bracelet and let you in for free.
4. Super cheap drinks. ONE DOLLAR drafts on the patio and a THREE BUCK vodka and sprite drink all night.
5. Good music. Cadillac Ranch is bringing in DJ SPRYTE from LA for the night.
6. Did I mention tons of cute, nice, and interesting queers?


Remember! This GQB is "queer country western" themed. Dress to impress. We'll be convening on the patio and then making our way to the dance floor as the night wears on. Cadillac Ranch is expecting a busy night, so get there early so we have a presence from the beginning!

See you on the dance floor.


ps. Cadillac Ranch serves food until 9pm, so if you want to come early and stick around, I'm sure they wouldn't mind. :)

See you all there tonight!

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