Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Because I know all of you check in on a daily basis to check out the amazing and classic photography of great individuals who view the male body as a work of art... This week, I wanted to highlight a couple of amazing photogs of the masculine form:
  • Scott Hoover -- That's his picture to your right. His work tends toward the commercial; you will probably recognize some of the images from advertisements, or you will recognize the theme of a lot of them as having been in other advertisements.
  • Kristopher Kelly -- Kelly is much more sexual in his work, and far more editorial than commercial. In fact, when you go to look at his "feature" page, you get a disclaimer telling you that there are no full nudes... but there are some that skirt the level of appropriateness for a work setting. In short: NSFW.
  • John Gress -- Very commercial work. Almost all of his shots would be appropriate for clothing advertisements (I think that's where everything comes from). A lot of homoeroticism involved, and, of course, quite a bit of sexuality (if you can call the "lifting the bottom of my shirt shy-boy look true "sexuality"). Of course, full back nudity has nothing to do with clothing and quite a bit to do with sexuality.
  • Fred Goudon -- Probably my favorite of all these listed. Extremely hot men pictured in amazing poses and with great looks. I don't even know how to describe, so I'll just give you a picture to describe for me:

These are, of course, thanks to our friends over at Just Beautiful Men who have an ongoing list of great photographers for you to check out. And your shameless objectification of the male body blog of the day:

Gay Body Blog. Posts a couple of time a month, the author has this to say about his work: "Gay Body Blog is a blog that celebrates male beauty and all of its parts. Geared towards the gay man, this blog will explore what makes us guys work so hard to get that perfect body, and what also allows us to sit back and enjoy the view." And, boy, do we thank you for taking the time to give us such -- ahem -- excellent views like thus:

I'm trying to think if I have anything else to say to you today about pretty boys. Hrm. Oh, right, let's turn our attention over to Wolfie at to admits to his love affair with Spencer Pratt from The Hills, who (apparently) recently turned down a role as a gay porn star with legendary producer Michael Lucas. I am not familiar with the show, but Wolfie gives us a great slideshow that makes me wonder what a Pratt porn would be like... something I'd probably watch, of course.

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Andrew said...

these boys are all cute and all that but what i want to know is when are you going to be showing some boys with unshaven chests on this blog?!