Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Penny's Worth - 06.17.09

It was a FANTASTIC Gay Pride Weekend in Cincinnati that Kicked off for us @ Old Street Saloon! The Quasi and Friends show was really awesome as we were also celebrating Mair’s Birthday! And let me tell you – EVERYONE celebrated!! Me, Quasi and Monica gave the gays and the Soccer Mom’s a great show and Booshee made sure they drank the house out of flavored Vodka! LOL It really was a fun show – second Friday of every month.

Then Saturday, we had a little time to relax during the day. While Quasi was running over to host the Pride Festivities in Hoffner Park, Will and I headed up for a nice gay trip to IKEA. What could be more gay? Meatballs for lunch and some gay pride IKEA shopping!

Then it was off to Adonis for the big night of Celebrating Pride. Miss Adonis 2008, Leah Halston, Monica St. James, Mirage Love, Quasi and me – giving the gays all we could! EVERYONE was out Saturday night! It was nice to see Darlene Love again (we drive by her house nearly every day, but fail to stop for some reason! LOL). The new platform on the dancefloor has gotten rave reviews and the gays were DANCING!!! Big Kudos to DJPatrickB

We wrapped up Saturday night a touch early (2am) and headed off to bed because Sunday was gonna come earlier than my usual waking up time….HAPPY GAY PRIDE PARADE!!! So, up ealy on Sunday, makeup and crazy gay pride outfit on – in the car – heading over to host the gay pride parade in northside. Brad and John over at Bronze were nice enough to set up the whole sound system and “bandstand” for me to scream from. I’m sure I didn’t keep my language as PC as they would have liked – but I DID have a good time! LOL AND – even got a nice review from the Examiner! Here’s the link

The rain held off until just moments after the last float passed by – thank you Universe (wink). And everyone scurried inside one establishment or another to continue their celebrating. It was an awesome parade and in incredible turnout. I have plenty of photos to post and I’ll get them up soon

Monday we headed down to the All American Goddess Pageant in Lexington, KY…you thought the weekend was over??? LOL…NOT YET! We had many friends competing and it was great to see everyone! It was a really good pageant with a ton of big names entering. I did my best to keep the gays on CarrieFairfield updated - and my thumbs were worn out from texting! Candi Stratton captured the title and the crown (and the sweet prize package)! Congratulations to all the gals who made their way down to KY and keep your eyes on AAG for next year…I hear even more big things are coming.


- I’ll be at Score Bar on Friday night because of my dear friends Tim and Brian hooking a sister up! Come join us for some Columbus Gay Pride Celebrations - Then on Saturday I’ll be in the back of a pick-up truck heading down the street in the Gay Pride Parade with Brent Fabian representing Miss and Mr Ohio Gay Pride. - THEN – I’ll be with Nina and Alexis and Virginia and every other Drag Queen within a 500 mile radius for Drag-A-Palooza in the parking lot behind Axis starting at 8pm! - BUT WAIT – THEN I’m off to the Stars of Pride Show at SomeWhere Else for the show @ 11p with Brent Fabian and a bunch of my Pride Sisters and Brothers…. AND THEN!!!! LOL – Baton Rouge is on Sunday…we are gonna have one hell of a weekend!!!!

HUGE SHOUTOUT and special thanks to Beverly Ford and Nina West for figuring out our accommodations for Friday Night….You gays are nicer than I could have ever thought two gays could be. Thanks for everything and we’ll see you on Friday night!

What to do if you're bored and are looking for a little Penny Tration - LOOK NO FURTHER! My Compete calendar is on Myspace - if we're not already friends on MySpace or Facebook - Look me up on twitter! (smile)

June 19 - Score Bar - Columbus, OH
June 20 - Axis with Nina West - Columbus, OH
June 20 - Columbus Gay Pride Parade
June 20 - Stars of Pride Show @ SWE - Columbus, OH
June 21 - Baton Rouge - Columbus, OH
June 26 - Below Zero, Cincinnati, OH
June 27 - Anniversary of Stonewall Celebration - Adonis - Cincinnati, OH
- Get your tickets by emailing Ed at EBCINCY@AOL.COM
July 9 - Indiana USofA @ Large - Talbott Street - Indianapolis, IN
July 10 - Quasi and Friends show @ Old Street
July 12 - Cleveland Gay Pride Pageant
July 17 - Interbelt Night Club - Akron, OH
July 31 - Below Zero, Cincinnati, OH
August 7 - ShowGurl Gay Pride

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Michael Chanak Jr said...

Penny baby you ARE beautiful and so are your sisters!

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I second what Mother said!
I'm also pleased to have read the FINDFRED story finally... I was allllll confused! Now it makes sense!