Monday, June 9, 2008

BLOGGING: New Gay Website?

Accidentally stumbled across this in a google search via craigslist (original post)...
Reply to:
Date: 2008-05-04, 1:26PM EDT

Up and coming gay-oriented website focusing on Cincinnati's gay scene (or lack there of) is looking for interesting blogs to post on our site. Site is set to launch in three weeks. We're hoping for a handful of good bloggers to write on a weekly basis about their niche... be it sex, gay bars, traveling, financial advice, or whatever else gay or cincinnati related. Please attatch a photo too if you'd like it to be posted with your article. This site is going to be what people are talking about over the next couple months... let your voice be a part of it!

I emailed them, but haven't heard back (granted, it's been less than 12 hours).

There was a time when a myspace page popped up threatening to air the city's dirty laundry. It disappeared before it did anything.

Is this Sam again?

PS If anyone has any advice on how to get my URL -- -- listed in Google, I would love the help. Even searching for "" brings up nothing.

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