Monday, June 2, 2008

OHIO/CINNKY: Urban Sites

Admit it, you've seen the signs and inwardly thought "YEA! Someone is taking an interest in development and is focused on downtown Cincinnati!"

All true, all true of Urban Sites Property, but reading their website, you realize that they are agents of gentrification:
Urban Sites targets professionals desiring unique urban loft style work and living spaces. With a creative approach to adaptive reuse of historic 19th century buildings, Urban Sites develops one of a kind commercial and residential loft spaces to suit the needs of today’s professionals.
*SIGH* All that glitters is not gold. At least someone is trying. :-)

(Pic from my phone, again... you win the right to do my laundry if you can name that street corner because I forget)

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Anonymous said...

Great pix from a phone. And kudos to the developer for appreciating old space and valuing its history, character, and survivability. Hope the community around appreciates and developer can sell. Not all gentrification is evil.