Thursday, June 5, 2008

PERSONAL: tooth gone

The tooth is gone.

As I sat in the dentist chair, having just turned over my financial information and explained that I'm supporting five people on my income, I apologized to everyone I privately condescended who ever took advantage of low-income clinics. I apologized to everyone I doubted who came into my place of work, just looking for a break and surcease from their sorrows.

Per the county, I am impoverished, and I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for looking down on so many people. It wasn't right, and I can't believe I'm in this position. But I am. And I have no right, never did, and never will again, to look down on any of you.

Thank you, Hamilton County. I hate the doctor right now, but it's been really hard to do anything these three past weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I just wrote a great comment, but because I didn't understand the submittal process, I lost it in cyberspace and can't remember what I wrote. I just hit publish, not knowning about the word verification. So you lose my comment, unless it miraculously re-appears in my head or from outerspace.