Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BLOGGING: Three new additions

My newest favorite hobby, besides stalking myself and everyone I know on Facebook, is to go through other people's blogrolls. I do, in fact, peruse most of these that I post during the week, though I think I'm going to have to start organizing them outside of the list I have to the right of your screen. And I'm the eminent multitasker. Even though it seems like all I do is blog, blog, blog -- which it feels like today -- I actually get quite a bit done.

Besides, there's a lot coming out of me these days in terms of writing and I think I partially blame this website we like to call "," because I start to write something, I turn around, and want to write more. What you see on here is about 1/10 of what is being written these days, as I'm literally filling up writing pads in two or three days.

What else would I be doing, anyways? Oh right, getting ready for school, getting another job, reading, etc etc etc. Blah. I like writing.

Three new additions to the blogroll:

1) let's say you're right... -- the blog of a dear friend of mine's partner. I was reading it a little and thinking "oh, he's gay, maybe I need to blogroll him" (yes, that's 90% of how my mind works), but then I realized who I was reading, and I just had to put him up. He has some AMAZING photography on his site. I could only wish to be half as good as he.

2) die Fledermaus -- the blog of the above mentioned dear friend:
36 and living life at its fullest in Cincinnati.

3) Clark Street Blog -- this one is thrown up a lot for my mother. After the demise of Cincinnati Revisited (sad moment), which went into the history of Cincinnati, I was in desperate search for one to fill the void so I could learn more about my city. CSB regular blogs about historical "stuff" in the city:
Observing the American zeitgeist

I think that's eight new additions in the last week. I need to slow down.

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