Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Jeff & Jen in the morning... in DRAG!

This just came across the email...


We have just been given a great honor and chance to make our Turnabout show Friday 6/20 11:30 at Shooter's something of a legend. Thanks to a suggestion from Miss Maxie Malone I entered the "Whatever it Takes" contest at Q102. Now I have just confirmed that Jeff and Jen from the Q102 morning show will not only be at the Turnabout show, but will be performing as well.

We need to pull some stuff together for them. Jeff mainly will need clothes Xl to
XXL and size 11 or 12 shoes. We will all need help painting and getting both ready. Please be there around 8 or 9, Jeff and Jen will be getting there at 10. Also this will be on the radio at some point so please come out and support the show. More details to follow

For those who don't know, this is an ISQCCBE show, which is a charity drag troupe that has raised over $700,000 for local organizations in the last 17 years. It is also a troupe I am a member of. (Link to Q102's website, and link to the contest front page)

That's right, kids, Jeff & Jen... in DRAG!!!!

A little bit of a personal note. I get off work at 6am, and, when I had a car, I would listen to Jeff & Jenn. I think they are funny and charming and wonderful, and Jenn's obsession with Nick Lachey... well, I'm going to say that I would want to nuzzle a little on him too (and I was dying to host a pants party with Mike Delfino's pants that she got... YUM!). The only problem -- and maybe, maybe, they will read this and hear how annoyed I am by the ongoing commentary: Jeff would constantly refer to the The Advocate "one of these magazines that outs people." I love you Jeff, I believe you are okay with the gay, but pick one up... yea, it does out people occasionally (it also allows a space for some people to out themselves). But, for the most part, it just reports on gay politics and news throughout the country.

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