Monday, September 8, 2008

BLOGGING: New Addition

We have a new blogger/vlogger joining us here at

Aren't you all just juicy for information on who it is?

And yes, site traffic has gone way down... from an all time high around 600 one day in early August to an all-time low around 98 on Aug 31... I don't know quite what happened... apparently, fewer people like pictures of Speedo's. *SHRUG* It's also, now, officially, the summer blah's. The election is boring (now that the conventions are over), the Olympics are done, most of the state legislatures are out of business, it's just hot outside. It's the end of summer blah's. Reading back, my posting hasn't been nearly as exciting, I think. I think I got too "deep" with all that Metro and Streetcar stuff, and there were so many nasty responses -- looks significantly over at UncleRando (yea you heard me) but I still love you dearly; after all, we're facebook friends, how much closer could we be :-)-- I'm done with thoughtful stuff. After all, if people haven't figured out that 99% of stuff I say is just to prick at people and raise a little hell every now and then, then maybe I haven't said enough yet. Let's go back to lighthearted and fun, shall we?

PS In response to the Streetcars. I'm actually not that opposed. Rather, I'm glad we're getting something. I just think we could go like a bajillion times further, and I think the plan as it stands now stinks. And, I'm sure you guessed, my major problem is access, as the people who could benefit from using it every single day for everything they do... not just for entertainment purposes or "economic development"... are not served enough. End of story.

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