Thursday, September 4, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: Outreels and a new gay blogger???

I've been on a "quiet blogging" mood these days. Between the move, the fireworks party, the Goober, school starting, work, and my new place not having internet... you might say I've been a little busy :-). I promise I'm not gone, just a little quiet. And I'm trying desperately not to post every little absurd thing the McCain-Palin ticket is saying at the RNC (did anyone else watch the absurdity that was Mitt Romney's speech???!!!!).

BTW---> I'm gonna give Palin some props. That was a good speech, but I think it was more impressive that Barack said "family's off the table."

Oh, and the "Why I don't support the Streetcar" series is not dead. I just haven't had the time to write.

Via their Myspace page...

OutReels returns!!!!

OutReels is Cincinnati GLBT Film Festival. It has introduced me to movies like Veiled and Meth, and I was disappointed not to see it on the list of things to do this past year for Pride. I'm really happy to see it coming back. However, it will not be part of the Pride celebration but will be hosted in March of 2009. Per the website, you can get involved by meeting at the Community Center @ 12pm on the 13th of Sept (that's a Saturday). I think you should all check it out.


A quick email came over to me via my Myspace... apparently there may be a new "raunchy" gay blogger picking up in the city :-). . . per the email, it will be "about day to day life as an 'easy' kid in cincinnati."

Very exciting. Will keep you updated.

Anyone heard anything more about the Cincy Gay Life website??? No? No?

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