Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GENERAL STUFF: Russian Sumo Wrestlers

I'm not quite sure how this made such a big news splash, but I thought it was particularly funny...

Two Russian sumo wrestlers have tested positive for marijuana use, two weeks after another Russian was banned for life after being arrested on suspicion of possessing the drug.

Roho and Hakurozan, who are brothers, tested positive after urine tests carried out on a total of 69 wrestlers. Shohei Onishi, an official on the Japan Sumo Association's anti-doping panel, announced the results Tuesday.

The tests were carried out after Russian wrestler Wakanoho was banned for life by the association and arrested by police for marijuana possession. Wakanoho's dismissal — the first expulsion of an active wrestler — was quickly announced after an emergency meeting of the JSA executive board.
Really: is marijuana a drug? At least, a drug that matters? And one that needs any sort of "emergency meeting" LOL.

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