Thursday, September 11, 2008

GENERAL STUFF: September 11th

It seems to have hit big today, probably due to the number of new monuments opening today. It is sad to see that we're barely on our way to a New York monument... that will take years and years more ... but the Pentagon memorial, and the Boston memorial, are beautiful.

At the Pentagon

in Boston

I don't think the designer of the Vietnam War Memorial quite knew that she was forever altering the way we honored our fallen.

Where was I?

It's funny, because I remembered this clearly this morning as I walked into class aroudn 8:30am. I was at Miami University and I remember seeing clusters of people in classrooms watching TV. I didn't think about it -- I had a presentation in my World Politics class on, get this, the effects of globalization on the developing world.

The TV was on in the classroom. I arrived right around 827am. The first plane had hit and it was only moments until the second hit. We just sat there and watch.

The professor was a few moments late. She walked in, obviously fresh from a copy machine or something... she had a lot of papers in her hand. She started: "All right, are you guys..." Stopped, looked at the screen, and said, "What the hell is going on?"

A few minutes later, we saw the plane hit. Then she walked over to me and my partner -- he was freshman, I remember that, he never forgave me for the A- we got on that project -- and said "in light of all this, would you guys like to delay your presentation for a week or so?"

I got really high that day and sat on my front porch and smoked a lot of cigarettes.

When Bush finally spoke, I remember saying: "I am glad he's our president right now."

Strange world.

What do you remember?


Anonymous said...

"When Bush finally spoke, I remember saying: "I am glad he's our president right now."" I also remember saying the same thing and then being told by a friend, "Any president would have been able to say what he said. It's not like he was the one who drafted his speech." But that was about the only time I held Bush in high regards. Thanks for sharing you memories!

Barry Floore said...

heya afod!!! i've added your EXCELLENT blog to my blogroll!!

Thanks for commenting.

yea, my drug dealer said much the same thing when i called for weed that day.