Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BLOGGING/PERSONAL: At Last! Introducing the Newbie!

Greetings Queer Cincinnati readers! My name is Cody Globig and I'm the new addition to the site that Barry alluded to. I'll start with a bit of an intro to me:

I'm 18 years old and currently live in Hamilton (it's not "Hamiltucky" anymore... it's "Hamilmexitucky" now... haha! Hola to the latino readers!!!) which is about an hour north of downtown Cinci. I'm in the Freshman Engineering Program at UC this year, and I move down to Clifton a week from today (on the 16th). So, yeah, the nerves are starting to get to me!
According to my friends, people can tell I'm gay by my stance and the way I walk, but I so didn't know I was that obvious! A few years ago, before I came out, no one had any idea that I could have been gay... My hobbies are decidedly masculine, even if my mannerisms aren't. I restore old cars (I've owned a blue 1967 SAAB 96 2-stroke since I was 14. I'm on my 2nd actually...) I also ADORE old buses (yeah, that one's just plain wierd, I know...) to the point that I am the youngest member of the Cincinnati Transit Historical Association by 9 years.
I also have my own photography label (Chimaera-Dreamliner Photography) and I enjoy playing billiards a lot. Perhaps the most masculine trait of mine is my hobby of archery and bow-hunting white-tailed deer up here in rural Butler County. I've also got 4 Ohio state archery tounrament titles (internationally recognized by the world federation) and a few regional rankings. I havn't shot competitively for a couple years though...
After saying that, I'd like to be blunt with you folks... PETA can fuck me. I don't enjoy lectures on "why hunting is soooooo wrong" and frankly, unless you're an alien who doesn't eat you have no place telling someone else that killing another being for food is wrong, since everything we eat is a dead organism...
As for what I look like, I'll post a photo of myself once my SD card feels like cooperating... In any case, I'm 5'4" and 160lbs. which, acording to Myspace, is defined as "more to love!"
SO! I plan on bringing a fresh perspective to Queer Cincinnati --> I'm 18 and graduated from a catholic high school, so I can finally enter in to the scene. I'll chart my progress coming from a conservative environment and blooming out into the wide-world-of-gaydom!!! And no, I havn't been to a gay bar or club yet... My official intro to the scene will happen this FRIDAY night at Club Masque in Dayton. I'm going up with a couple friends to celebrate our imminent moves to college. Maybe ya'll could come out and meet me there to have a grand ole' time! (yes, there is a bit of hick-Hamilton-boy in me... lol)
Well, that's me! And sorry that was so long, but I'm a complex person... Like, seriously... haha!
Peace out sweeties!!!
PS I'm on Facebook, Myspace, VampireFreaks, DeviantArt, AND YouTube!!!
My YouTube vlog will be up and running soon as well! Check it out, and I'll keep you updated on it's progress!


valereee said...

Welcome, Cody!

Julie said...

I'm just impressed that you restore old Saabs (I'm a Saab girl myself, so is Kate the Great!). Welcome!

The Seeker said...

thanks guys, and YAAAAY Julie!!! Best autos on Earth I must say... lol