Saturday, September 13, 2008

PERSONAL / DAYTON GAY SCENE: Out and About at Club Masque

Hot men, light-shows, cold mist, music videos, and dancing to the Thumpa-Thumpa... What could be better, dare I ask?
So yeah, I finally went to Masque for the first time last night and I quite enjoyed it! One of my hags and I drove up there as our moving-away-celebration. I thought it had a great atmosphere and the DJs are just fabulous! Never did dance though... We were both feelin slightly under-the-weather (damn buffalo chicken strips from Culver's are goooood, but HOT...). I can't wait to go back with more people!
Holy shit! and my memory-card started loving each other, instead of being caddy little bitches... So there's ME!!! -----^ The photo really does some up my life quite well: in my bedroom all the time using electronic devises, listening to Metro Station (yes, I think Mason Musso is gorgeous...) and surfing the 'net for car- and boat-racing stuff...

OMG I cleaned my room and started packing to move out today... Holy shit... I have two more days of having this house as my permanent home, and then it will all change for the rest of eternity. Clifton, here I come! And get ready Northside, you probably won't notice me when I come! haha

On a side note: Gotta give a shout-out to Danrambles (on the blogroll) for his new text blog and YouTube vlog. Never has a rambling gay mixologist sounded so entertaining! Check it!

-Cody, always Seeking...


Barry Floore said...

You went to Masque for the first time? Oh, jesus, you really are finding the world. I went there before that giant billboard went up and we had to find a black door in a dark parking lot. :-) That was fun.

You're gonna be my neighbor!!!!

The Seeker said...

Haha! Wow, that must have been interesting. We just had to pick one of two doors to go in... and we picked the right one since a guy went out of it... lol

Neighbors in less than 24 hours!