Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ELECTION 2008: Tie Scenarios

Ask and ye shall receive. I think the guy over at is reading (which, if you look today, show Barack ahead 282-236... with Ohio as a tie). I said I wanted a good review of what would happen if the Electoral-Vote is 269-269... And he posts his analysis:
The whole thing could make 2000 look like a clean-cut victory.
And then also posted a link to the 3Blue Dudes analysis (a great blog, as well):
So behold with fear the impending doom that a 269-269 scenario could bring on this country of ours. All the more reason for Obama to get to 270.  So if you live in NV or NH and can help swing those small states along with Colorado then do it.   Otherwise the longest election season in our country’s history will extend into the holidays and the next year and beyond. 
So there you go.

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