Monday, September 29, 2008

CINCY GAY SCENE: A local boy being harassed...

How did I miss this? Mucho gracias to Joe.My.God...

From the Dayton Daily News:
HAMILTON (yes, that's Ohio, folks) — A Garfield Middle School student and his family are challenging the Hamilton City School District over his right to wear black eyeliner and lipstick to school.

Matt Allsup, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at the school, was told Monday, Sept. 22, to wash the makeup off his face. An administrator told Allsup it was "distracting" and therefore against the district's dress code.

Allsup said the makeup "expresses who I am. I am not like other people. I like rock 'n' roll and this expresses that. I am discriminated against."

Students in the Hamilton school district wear character badges that encourage acceptance and valuing the uniqueness of others, Allsup said.

"Why make us wear the character cards if they are not going to let us be unique?" he asked.

"It's gender stereotyping and sexual discrimination," said his mother, Mindy Ball. "If he has to take off his lipstick, then so do the little girls in the school."

Of course, all of us queers are on high alert since Lawrence King. I promise I'll keep y'all updated. Oh yea, and hell yea, Mom in the article! You are *AWESOME!*

What does everyone think???


Dan said...

Garfield is on the East side of Hamilton, never considered the rich side or "good" side of Hamilton. So I have to give big props to the parents for supporting their son and it is great to see.

The Seeker said...

I love these people! Good on 'em for supporting their son! not many families in Hamilton would do that...
I must say I'm very ashamed of my school board now. I'm personal friends with the superintendant (my neighbor) and one of the board members (won't say who). I also served as the Hamilton school board president for Civics Day and got to meet most of the poeple involved in Hamilton's school system (of which my mother also works for). I'm severely disappointed and appalled at their lack of respect fo individuality and conservative policies (and wording). I need to keep posted on this situation b/c if something happens to that boy I'm getting my ass back up there and raising hell with the board... And anyone who'd like to join me in any way please contact me at ""
The Seeker