Thursday, April 16, 2009

Former Mayors Discuss Cincinnati, including LGBT Cincy

In a meeting between former mayors of Cincinnati on the city's problems, the discussion turned towards LGBT folks, much thanks to former mayor Jerry Springer, from WLWT:
Jerry Springer said the riots and votes against gay rights have left Cincinnati with reputation of intolerance, and the city has to be more welcoming.

"Come on in. Come on in with your color, come on in with your religion, come on in with your sexual orientation, come on in with your lifestyle, obey the law, but come on in," Springer said....

But Dwight Tillery seemed to agree with Springers assessment, telling the audience that new buildings downtown don't matter unless all groups fell welcome there.
It's a beautiful thing, though that term "lifestyle" raises my hackles. Details, though. Also included were former mayors Ken Blackwell (via video), Arn Bortz, and current Councilmember Roxanne Qualls (whose on her way to a quick endorsement from this blogger in the coming election!).

How valid is Springer's point? Well, I think his and Blackwell's opinions may be a little more telling, as they are the ones who get to experience Cincinnati's reputation from outside of the tri-state area. Blackwell's opinion was not featured in the article, except to say that he suggests to keep tax rates low.

He is, after all, a Republican.

Thanks to @WLWT.

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