Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saint Johanna

Johanna Sigurdardottir is poised, after yesterday's election, to become Prime Minister of Iceland, becoming the first openly LGBT individual in the world to take on the executive position of any state.

Iceland went bankrupt earlier this year, causing the PM to resign and the government to dissolve. Sigurdardottir was appointed temporarily as PM until a new government could be elected, and her Social Democrat party won yesterday with 35 seats in the Parliament, 4 more than necessary to claim a majority.

Sigurdardottir has been nicknamed "Saint Johanna" for her spearheading of multiple social causes; she has been repeatedly polled as the most popular Cabinet member, despite her reputation as a hard-nosed politician with little patient for delays.

Sounds familiar. I love her. But I do wonder if it is politically feasible for a lesbian governmental executive to push marriage rights... or whether it would chip away at her capital. Regardless...

Congratulations, Iceland!

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