Monday, April 27, 2009

Gavin Drop

In honor of Gavin Newsom running for Governor of California, a gay bar in Sacramento called the Depot has created a drink in his honor -- dubbed the "Gavin Drop." How does one make a Gavin Drop?

Blue Curacao
Simple Syrup
Sweet and Sour
Smirnoff Melon (because "he's a honey")

To my bartenders in Cincy -- expect me to order one. Soon. Seriously. No really. I need a drink, STAT. (Although what, exactly is "simple syrup" in a liquor drink?)

Picture from Rainin117.


Dan said...

Simple syrup is just made by boiling four parts water to five parts sugar. It's a good way to sweeten cold liquids, because it dissolves more readily than plain sugar. You'll see it a lot at coffeehouses that serve iced coffee.

Doug said...

Dan's got it. It's like properly made southern sweet tea only without the tea.

Stuff Queer People Need To Know said...

That drink sounds delicious and I want one right now.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to whip up a batch and invite me over. A few of those, a balmy evening, jazz playing, steaks on the grill -- and no telling what I might be willing to do...

topher said...

and it's a bitch to make on the fly for most bartenders on a busy night.