Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Officer Critically Injured

My friend from work posted this on his Facebook, and I didn't understand why, at first.

The more I watched the news, the more I thought...

I don't like cops. Never have. They kind of creep me out, and, when I was driving, seeing them on the road even when I was doing nothing wrong annoyed the hell out of me. Since I started working at the Emergency Department, they've become my colleagues, of a sort. We joke, we spread gossip, we support each other, and we (meaning me and the girls) check out the cute ones in the tight cop pants. I barely even deal with them, certainly not in the same way the nurses and the doctors do, but I'm still connected. 

I didn't understand why, at first, he had posted it. I get it now. Those of us who work with them realize their humanity, and, when we take care of a hurt cop, then we're taking care of our coworker.

I have a lot more respect, these days, for our boys in blue if, for no other reason, than they deal with the same people in the same way. And, so, their loss is our loss.

My heart goes out to Officer Gehring and his family... I don't even know if I know him, but I'm sure I've seen him before.

I'm being thoughtful this morning, watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

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