Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NH Senate Votes on Marriage Bill Today

... and it doesn't look good.

From BlueHampshire:

The reds are no's (12), the pink is a maybe-no (1), the whites are unknowns (3), the light green is a maybe-yes (1), and the dark greens are yes's (7). The bill needs 13 votes to pass.

Technically, btw, the vote tomorrow is whether to override the Senate Judiciary Committee's 3-2 vote to not bring the vote to committee. So, on Wednesday, we'll need 13 individuals to say, "Yea, we should vote on this," and, then, on Thursday, we'll need 13 individuals to say, "Yea, this should be a law." As close as it is, it looks like a double decker of NO. I think we've probably lost the NH run this time around.

Even if it fails, I'll give New Hampshire this: at least they tried. Even if you fail, NH, we are still cheering you on!

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