Monday, April 27, 2009

PrideLove Sexy Singles Auction Recap!

Word on the street was that the PrideLove sexy singles auction (click to see all the lovely young men that were auctioned off) was a success -- raising about $430 for stop) aids. Fabulously done folks! I'm dying for some pictures, if anyone has them!!!

(Oh, and congratulations to dear blogger friend at Cincinnati NAMjA for being auctioned off as a sexy single ... who went for a great $45!)

Did you miss it? So sad, but it's ok!

First of all, there's the stop) aids guest bartending at Below Zero this Sunday from 6p-10p, and PrideLove is back -- for the ladies this time -- at 3pm for Speeddating at Yadda Club! Make sure you check out their Facebook profile for more information. (Their website, at least, right now, seems to be blank?)

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