Friday, April 17, 2009

Local Blogger Makes National News!

Julie Niesen, of long-time friend of this blog, Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati, was quoted in a recent Washington Post article about Cincinnati chili:

"If you think of it as chili, you'll be disappointed," said local food blogger Julie Niesen over a meal consisting of four varieties of Coney and one plate of maxed-out chili at Dixie Chili & Deli, on the Cincinnati border in Kentucky. "If you think of it as meat sauce, you'll be less disappointed."
Oh, goodness, the love of my life and the bane of my waistline -- Cincinnati chili.

I don't like spicy chili, nor do I really like chili from anywhere else. The first time I sat down to Skyline in Oxford for a three-way, I though, "Ewwww..." The second time, I thought, "Well this isn't so bad" -- I was introduced to a coney, that time. Finally, on the third try, I was hooked.

My family from other parts of the country does not get my love of Cincinnati chili, nor do they understand why I persist in calling it chili at all, except for my sister in Chicago who spent some time in Lexington and thinks its a cute local thing that's awfully good to put into nacho cheese.

*shrug* Their loss, IMHO.

I had seen this on Twitter, but thanks to Stacked for reminding me to post it!

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